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  La Terrazza Paradiso
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Suite Welcome to the Rome Hotel Atlante Star's La Terrazza Paradiso luxuriant rooftop terrace where an extraordinary collection of natural life is maintained to the backdrop of a panoramic view of the great city and the hills in the background. We warmly invite you to experience this unforgettable sensation via our Hotel Atlante Star Live Webcam. You'll also find other photographs of the city's most beautiful treasures and unrivalled views.

The Live Webcam shows you the what's going on at this very moment around the Vatican City. The Webcam is attached to the façade on the 6th floor just a few feet from La Terrazza Paradiso. We strongly recommend you come online around sunset and / or later in the evening to see St Peter's lit up in all its magnificent glory.

The view from La Terrazza Paradiso of the Hotel Atlante Star is so exclusive that this luxury Rome accommodation is regularly sought after by TV and Film production companies - in fact, in 2005 this location was utilised by the world media for the inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI, when he performed a mass of over a million people in the square of San Pietro from the balcony of the basilica.